Life and relationships can be full of challenges.

Dr. Dana McNeil is a dynamic voice, an expert in relationships, who genuinely understands that we all just want to be heard.

With the right insights and practical skills, Dr. Dana knows how to help us love and accept ourselves, communicate better, and build great relationships.


Dana McNeil

Dr. Dana McNeil

Ever since Dr. Dana McNeil became a relationship therapist, she has taken her unique qualities of empathetic directness, warmth, and intuition, to help people. 

Dr. Dana is driven by a desire to give people space to realize that we all have struggles, worries, fears, and a longing to feel understood. 

D. Dana McNeil

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Dr. Dana McNeil believes that now, more than ever, there needs to be a new way of viewing relationship therapy. Dana’s training program aims to empower clinicians with the tools to become better couples therapists.


Life is all about relationships. As a public speaker, Dr. Dana has a knack for truly connecting with any audience. Her friendly demeanor and ability to communicate key relationship expertise in applicable ways is invaluable.

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When it comes to insights on relationships, Dr. Dana McNeil provides a unique perspective that people want to hear.

Dana has spent her career working with people in all sorts of relationships, mentored and trained other therapists, and become a truly respected voice in relationship therapy.


Sharing her expertise, experience, and advice is an important part of Dr. Dana McNeil’s mission to help bring relationship therapy to more people.

Her informed, friendly, and real-life applicable insights engage readers by giving them new perspectives on their relationships as well as the confidence to make changes ...


Dr. Dana McNeil sees a limited number of clients through her group practice, The Relationship Place.

Dana founded The Relationship Place as a safe haven for couples to come to experience working on tools to better their relationship without judgment or expectations about the outcome of their therapy experience.

Dana's New Book

If relationships were easy, every couple would have one that’s vibrant, healthy, and filled with joy. It’s not that easy.

Dana’s new book D Spot Conversations is the latest step in her effort to help couples overcome obstacles and achieve satisfying, successful relationships.


Dr. Dana's Unique Approach Gives People the Skills to Succeed

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