Sharing her expertise, experience, and advice is an important part of Dr. Dana McNeil’s mission to help bring relationship therapy to more people.

Her informed, friendly, and real-life applicable insights engage readers by giving them new perspectives on their relationships as well as the confidence to make changes that can have meaningful results.

Dr. Dana’s writing is equal parts professional and engaging and will leave your readers feeling inspired to take action.

D-Spot Conversations: Navigating Today's Complicated Relationships

If relationships were easy, every couple would have one that’s vibrant, healthy, and filled with joy. It’s not that simple. Relationships are complicated, challenging, and take a lot of work.

Dana’s new book D Spot Conversations is the latest step in her effort to help couples overcome obstacles and achieve satisfying, successful relationships. This books features guests from The D Spot Podcast,Estela Bobadilla, r. Kenneth Doka, Emily Silva Hockstra, Dr. Ian Jenkins, Dr. Steven Jones, Martha Kauppi, Katherine Miller, Shira Myrow, Dr. Tammy Nelson, Ken Page, Tilly Storm, Dr. Ari Tuckman, Joseph Winn.

D Spot Conversations will be free to download on Amazon Books May 3rd, 2023.


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