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Grey Divorce & Empty Nesters – A clinician’s approach to the unique challenges in older adult relationships

August 11 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Grey Divorce & Empty Nesters

Did you know that older couples are currently the largest segment of the population to seek divorce? In fact, 34.9% of all Americans who got divorced in the previous calendar year were aged 55 or older.

Decades long marriages are ending at an astonishing rate, giving way to the now popular term “grey divorce”. Divorce amongst these couples is often because of the lack of children as a focus, which puts a spotlight on relationships that have been neglected or ignored.

So how can you help these couples in your practice?

Join us for an upcoming webinar presented by Certified Gottman Therapist, Dr. Dana McNeil, PsyD, LMFT, where we will discuss working with older couples and how to approach the issues occurring in their modern relationships.


  • Learn about the issues arising in relationships in the later stages of life and what to take into consideration in your approach and evaluation of the health of the relationship.
    Discuss the lack of societal recognition of the important life changes happening for older adults that can lead to disenfranchised grief and disconnection between older partners.
  • Learn how the stressors and challenges that dealing with older children leaving (or not leaving home), divorce, sex after 50, dating as an older adult, and declining health all play into the mental health and impact the motivation for problem-solving in aging couples.


Register today to learn how to address unique challenges in older adult relationships in your practice.


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