From Breakup to Breakthrough: Regaining Clarity After Divorce

Divorce is tough. But in this video, we've got a special guest who's going to help you reframe and rebuild your life after going through it. Meet Ilyssa Panitz, a Divorce Journalist and host of The Divorce Hour. Through her lived experience, she shares with us some truly valuable lessons on resilience, strength, and vulnerability – things that can actually be the key to making it through this trying time in your life. Don't mistake vulnerability for weakness, guys! It takes courage to embrace vulnerability and turn it into strength. So sit back, relax, and prepare to feel empowered and inspired by Ilyssa's story. Remember to like, share, and subscribe for more awesome content!

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00:39 Meet Ilyssa Panitz
03:40 Normalizing Divorce
05:54 Build Back Better
06:50 Divorce Gives You Clarity
08:49 The D in Divorce Stands For Do-Over
10:40 You Achieved Your Greatest Accomplishment With Them
14:26 The Do's and Dont's of Divorce
18:51 How Do You Tell Your Children About an Upcoming Divorce
24:37 What is Nesting After Divorce?
30:42 Compromise in a Divorce
32:25 Grieving A Relationship That Has Come to an End
35:35 Different is Good
37:18 Use Your Journey to Help Someone Else
42:01 Where to Find Ilyssa


Dr. Dana McNeil

Dr. Dana McNeil

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