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Finding the right words to make your man feel special can truly turn their day around. A genuine compliment can boost his mood and self-esteem, making him feel seen and appreciated. Whether it’s a crush, a friend, or a long-term partner, knowing how to deliver a heartfelt compliment to a guy is an art worth mastering.

An article by Mind Body Green discussed this further, providing ways on how you can effectively compliment the special man in your life. It offered insights on crafting compliments that can not only brighten your man’s day, but also strengthen your connection with him as his partner. Featured in this article is our very own Dr. Dana McNeil, PsyD, LMFT. With her expertise in relationships as a Gottman-trained therapist, she shared her insights on the topic.

As for McNeil, for a compliment to be more genuine, it should sound more specific to your partner:

Be as specific as you can be
To be even more effective, you might want to get specific.

Rooting your compliments in specificity helps the recipient feel valued, according to licensed marriage and family therapist Dana McNeil, PsyD.

“By telling the person we love that we notice who they are and why they mean so much to us, we are offering them a gift of being seen and valued for the things they do or the parts of their personality that they specifically add to your life in ways that no one else can quite replicate,” McNeil previously told mbg.

This article is originally written by Francesca Bond. If you want to read the full article, click here.


Dr. Dana McNeil

Dr. Dana McNeil

Founder of The Relationship Place
Marriage and Family Therapist CA License #99008

certified gottman therapist

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