18 Early Signs Your Partner Is The One – As Seen In – Bustle

Identifying your soulmate may take time, but early signs like a natural connection and shared life goals can indicate you’re on the right path.

A recent article by Bustle says that knowing your “must-have” traits in a partner simplifies this process, as advised by relationship coach Heidi Krantz. Clarifying these traits for yourself helps in quickly recognizing a suitable match, making it evident when someone with the potential to meet all your criteria comes along.

In this article, Dr. Dana McNeil PsyD, LMFT along with other distinguished therapists, was asked to share tips on how couples can see if their partner is the right one for them.

According to her, partners will always have fun even if they don’t make plans:

When you’re with the right person, it won’t feel like you need to make elaborate plans every single time you hang out, Dana McNeil, PsyD, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of The Relationship Place, tells Bustle. You’ll notice that it feels just as good to sit in a quiet cafe, run a few errands, or hang out at your apartment as it does to go to dinner and a movie. Heck, even getting stuck in traffic won’t feel so bad because you’ll be together.

Another way to tell is if you and your partner are both equally invested in your relationship. She says,

“The feelings of attraction, interest, and wanting to spend lots of quality time together will be shared and pursued with the same amount of energy and pursuit.”

McNeil also notes one obvious but important thing you should look for is if a partner is genuinely kind:

“It’s an old cliché to notice the way a person treats a waiter at dinner to get an indication about how they will treat you when they get comfortable around you. The reason is because someone who is dismissive or minimizes other people’s feelings, contributions, or value in an unbalanced power scenario likely isn’t able to acknowledge or empathize with those who are impacted by their behaviors.”

To read more about this Bustle article by Isadora Baum, CHC and Carolyn Steber, click here.


Dr. Dana McNeil

Dr. Dana McNeil

Founder of The Relationship Place
Marriage and Family Therapist CA License #99008

certified gottman therapist

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