20 Different Ways To Successfully Find Love in 2024 – As Seen In – Ask Men

If stacking the deck in your favor to find love this 2024 is something you’re determined to accomplish this year, Ask Men has plenty of advice for you. In a recent article, Dr. Dana McNeil, PsyD, LMFT was featured as she gave interesting and effective advice for singles looking to find love successfully.

One strange but interesting piece of advice from McNeil, is to network with past dates who didn’t work out:

“If you and a date don’t work out having a love match, but you really like the person and their character, there is no reason you can’t help each other to network your perspective groups of friends or family members,” she says.

“If you are both able to be mature and acknowledge that a love connection isn’t happening for the two of you,” McNeil adds, “why not put your collective network to good use and consider if there is someone that either of you knows who might be a good match?”

Another thing McNeil pointed out is to stop being rigid in your expectations and focus on the right things :

“So many of my clients shoot people down before they ever have a chance to meet because of their ‘requirements’ for a new partner,” says McNeil. “Not every woman has to be a perfect size two in order to be a fit.”

Instead, make a list of must-haves based on what a potential new person values — “their character, their ability to take personal responsibility for their behaviors, and sense of genuine concern for their needs,” continues McNeil. “Then you are more likely to find someone who is actually a good long-term fit.”

It’s easier to welcome love if you’re prepared for it. If you need more detailed tips and advice, you can read the whole article here.


Dr. Dana McNeil

Dr. Dana McNeil

Founder of The Relationship Place
Marriage and Family Therapist CA License #99008

certified gottman therapist

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