How to Build Intimacy in Your Relationship and Be a Better Partner – As Seen In – Men’s Journal

When asked how to build intimacy in the relationship and be a better partner, Dr. Dana McNeil believes men should have these intimacy tools.

“The brain is an erogenous zone, and without the ability to access those intimacy tools, the desire, sex drive, and an ability to function with your partner in a loving way flies out the window,” says McNeil.

She also explained how lack of sexual intimacy happens in a heterosexual relationship.

Skip your instincts for now: Men often initiate sex as a way to feel emotionally connected; but, in a hetero relationship, if a woman doesn’t feel that bond, she won’t want to be physically vulnerable, McNeil explains. This leaves everyone feeling more alone.

You can view Rachel Schultz’s full article here, also featured in this article.


Dr. Dana McNeil

Dr. Dana McNeil

Founder of The Relationship Place
Marriage and Family Therapist CA License #99008

certified gottman therapist

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