5 Self-Care Habits That Will Improve Your Love Life – As Seen In – InStyle.com

Dr. Dana McNeil was once again featured in an article published at InStyle.com. There, she talked about how self-care habits can improve one’s love life.

Dr. Dana believes that people should invest time and energy into self-love as much as they give to the people they love. To quote her in the article:

“Self-care is not a luxury or an indulgence, because if you don’t have any gas in the emotional tank left you are not going to be able to show up and give back,” notes McNeil. “You can’t physically, emotionally, or mentally give to others if you are wiped out.”

The article was originally written by InStyle contributor, Maressa Brown. To read the full version, click here.


Dr. Dana McNeil

Dr. Dana McNeil

Founder of The Relationship Place
Marriage and Family Therapist CA License #99008

certified gottman therapist

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