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A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Adam Bulger for an article on about relationship values. The purpose of the article was not simply to point out what relationship values each partner may have or which ones the partners may share, but to highlight values that are likely to lead to the happiest and most content relationships.

Couples get together for a variety of reasons and in many ways, and what they value as couples and individual partners is just as varied. Partners may be attracted to each other by looks, talents, shared values, personalities, wit, humor, or any number of other things. However, this article discusses values happy and content couples share.

I enjoyed discussing this topic and my thoughts with Adam. Among the values are trust, keeping faith in each other, and loyalty. You can read the entire Fatherly article here.

What are some relationship values you believe contribute to happy and content relationships? Better yet, what are some of the relationship values you and your partner share that make you the happiest and most content?

Dana McNeil is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is the founder The Relationship Place, a group practice located in San Diego, California. Dana has been featured on many relationship podcasts and in publications such as the Business Insider, Authority Magazine, Eat This-Not That, Parade, Oprah Living, Martha Stewart Living, Ladders, AARP, and is the resident relationship expert on the Cox Communications show “I Do.”


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