sexless relationship

Sexless Relationship – Bustle Article

Are you missing the intimate connection you once had with your partner? Or wondering why or when it faded? I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kristine Fellizar of Bustle for an article on the ins and outs of relationship intimacy, specifically the lack of it and how a relationship gets to that point. I want you to know first and foremost that you are not alone.

red flags

Relationship Red Flags That Mean Trouble

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to Linda Rodgers of The Healthy about red …

partner might be the one

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Think Your Partner Might Be The One

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Isadora Baum and Carolyn Steber from Bustle. …

sign of strong relationship

One Sure Sign of a Strong Relationship

I recently spoke with Virginia Pelley from about how marriages stay happy. What a …

couples therapy exercises

Therapy Exercises All Couples Can Benefit From

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ashley Abramson from about a few …

health anxiety due to covid-19

Health Anxiety Due to COVID-19

Are you suffering from health anxiety due to COVID-19? If you find yourself able to …

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