health anxiety due to covid-19

Health Anxiety Due to COVID-19

Are you suffering from health anxiety due to COVID-19? If you find yourself able to …

harry and meghan interview

Google Before Your First Date – Article

You are likely aware of the recent interview Oprah Winfrey had with Prince Harry and …

you never want to have sex

You Never Want to Have Sex – Fatherly

A few weeks ago I spoke with Brittany Risher for a article addressing what …

couples in bed

Build Intimacy – Men’s Journal

I was recently asked to chat with Rachael Schultz for the current issue of Men’s …

better intimacy in 2021

Better Intimacy in 2021 – Men’s Journal Article

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Rachael Schultz for an article in Men’s …

relationship values

Relationship Values – Article on

Relationship Values… A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Adam Bulger for an article …

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